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Pitched on : 04/10/2017 10:00-10:30


Pitched on : 04/10/2017 10:00-10:30

Genre(s) Game, Fiction

Langue(s) English

Format(s) Mobile / Tablet app

Producer(s) matchbox media (Royaume-Uni)

Short description

One of the largest and most dangerous prisons in the world is a real life Peruvian penitentiary where there are no locked cells and the inmates are in charge. Jackson is a powerless thief just sentenced to 10 long years for petty crime. To survive both his inner and surrounding demons he has to rise through the ranks of the prison's complex hierarchy, but the unforgiving and apparently irrational dynamics of this fragile order will eventually lead to his downfall. Until the day of his release, Jackson's actions will have tragic consequences that are rewriting his notions of loyalty, courage, resignation and revenge. Can you ever be free when the choices you are forced to make as an inmate become the bricks in the wall you build around your future life?

Expected budget : 3.000.000 K€
Expected production date : 2020

Involved partners

r/o institute
75.000 K€

Creative team

Jordie Montevecchi
Leonardo Caparros

How innovative is the project

augmented graphic novel and text based mobile game

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Jordie Montevecchi