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Pitched on : 04/10/2017 10:00


Pitched on : 04/10/2017 10:00

Genre(s) Animation, Game

Langue(s) English

Format(s) TV

Producer(s) R/O institute (Belgique)

Short description

In the Musiverse, the ultimate energy is music. Galactic DJ’s are exploring exotic planets to gather Beatlinks, musical creatures that are combined to unlock the secrets of Rhythm, Melody and Harmony but those 3 elements are threatened by the corruption of a 4th one: Noise. Penny Star, a 10 years old maverick with DJ dreams and skills, encounters a mysterious wild boy who has the unique ability to silence everything around him. Her father is a conservative sound engineer who doesn't want her to mess up with the unknown, while her grandma believes the boy is the missing link of a legendary tune that could restore or destroy the musical balance of life in the Musiverse. Together, they team up for cyber-pop adventures to uncover the clues of the prophecy and protect the silent boy from the evil plots of the Noise.

Expected budget : 5.000.000 K€
Expected production date : 2020

Involved partners

Belgian Heroes SA

Creative team

Noam Mamane

How innovative is the project

“Beatlinks” is articulated around 2 main platforms: the animated series and the game. The animated series tells the story of Penny’s family and their epic adventures across the Musiverse, collecting exotic Beatlinks, creating music in intense DJ battles and fighting the Noise’s army while competing to become the greatest “Beat Lord” in the Musiverse. The mobile game lets you enter the Musiverse as a young DJ, and just like Penny, journey through space adventures, fight the Noise and become a “Beat Lord”. Catch the Beatlinks of the tv show with your smartphone by listening to it's origi

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Noam Mamane