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Murs de Fresnes

Pitched on : 4/10/2017 11H30

Murs de Fresnes

Pitched on : 4/10/2017 11H30

Genre(s) Fiction, Documentary

Langue(s) French

Format(s) Web Site

Producer(s) Mabel Octobre (France)
Rouge Productions (France)
Pictanovo (France)
La Scam (France)
DRAC Ile-de-France (France)
Région Ile-de-France (France)

Short description

Murs de Fresnes is a transmedia project inspired by Henri Calet's book, Les murs de Fresnes, published in 1945, collecting the graffiti left by the prisoners on the walls of the prison cells of Fresnes during the Occupation. High place of confinement of the Resistance, prison of the Gestapo, Fresnes was often the last destination before the deportation or the execution. Through the use of new media, the creation of virtual universes and public participation - from enhanced reading to the stage - the project aims to make the walls speak and bring back ghosts to life. The project includes a detailed web site, an immersive web experience, a VR sequence, an interactive show and a book with generative content, each proposal is linked to others (via a web server), while offering a different and complementary artistic approach .

Expected budget : 66 K€
Expected production date : 2018

Involved partners

Creative team

How innovative is the project

The project is a new approach of Second World War and resistance during the German occupation. It allows the young audience to experience History in an unprecedented way thanks to the digital tool. The web immersion and virtual reality of Murs de Fresnes offers a new pedagogical tool. This tool can be used : - in class or at home (on computers, smartphones or tablets for the web version) - in places dedicated to the digital and the tools developed by this means - in places presenting the theme of war and resistance.

Porteurs de projets

Judith Depaule

Metteur en scène - Directrice artistique