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Ante Chris

Pitched on : 4/10/2017 11h

Ante Chris

Pitched on : 4/10/2017 11h

Genre(s) Animation, Fiction

Langue(s) French

Format(s) Social network

Producer(s) Squarefish (Belgique)

Short description

He’s more evil than Damien, more bitter than Carrie, crueller than Chucky and gorier than Dexter. But Chris is mainly just an orphan. Like most of the boarders at Saint-Molard de Mimolette, he doesn’t know where he’s from or who his parents are. Sister Marceline, the head of the establishment, is convinced that he’s the son of Satan. What if she’s right? Chris is sometimes cruel and extreme towards his fellow orphans, but he’s still a nice kid. After all, the devil himself can come across as endearing… But if you don’t want any trouble, don’t pinch his lunch!

Expected budget : 95 K€
Expected production date : 2018

Involved partners

Centre du Cinéma et de L'audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
10 K€

Creative team

Jean-François 'GIHEF' Baudot
Anne-Catherine 'ACO' Ott
Christopher Cittadini
Bruno Chaix
Art director
Valentin Grégoire


As an animation studio, we come to CVD both to show and share our webseries 'Ante Chris' and to discover other project holders, financiers, producers, etc. We would be delighted to meet people interested in making 'Ante Chris' the next big thing in horror-comedy animated webseries - and we will definitely keep an eye on the other projects to see if can join them.

How innovative is the project

Ante Chris is one of the few animated short webseries that you can see on the social medias. Unlike the others, we specifically

Porteurs de projets

Alexandre Mailleux

Assistant production