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Payoff technologies

Payoff technologies

Location Paris (France)

Number of employees 5-12

Year of creation 2014

Founder(s) Fabien Bihour,
Julient Millet

Team background

Julien Millet: Engineer in artificial intelligence, After working at Quantic Dream on innovative narrative approaches and production manager at Wizarbox, Julien founded Payoff Technologies to work on the future of video games. Fabien Bihour: Managing Director. Fabien has twenty years of experience in the digital industry. He founded Wizarbox, a video game studio, at the age of 25, which he directed for more than 10 years before founding Payoff technologies Investors: Helene Gans: Hélène Gans helped create the Private Equity activities at SGAM, where she created and managed several investment funds dedicated to innovation. Denis Delmas: 30 years of experience in professional services: CEO of TNS, management consulting, media, communication, market research. Special interest in development strategy.

Funding stage : Seed or angel
Funding expectations : 600 K€

Company focus : Content wise

We envision a future of entertainment where players gather in physical spaces to live experiences in virtual worlds. At first VR arcade but mixed reality will be the next step. Our current production focuses on VR games for VR Arcades. Having created games for 15 years, we know those titles require specific production pipelines, as arcade experience differs from classic titles: shorter, with a higher production value and with higher accessibility. Our partnership with companies like Asmodee (European leader of the board game sector) provides us an edge on those new mixed form of gaming.

Company focus : Tech wise

We have developed and keep developing a set of tools to continue our transformation into a VR Arcade game publisher. We have developed technologies for accessibility, chats, and a network layer allowing multiple VR users in the same physical space. We also have a set of tool to adapt the level design to room space because not all VR arcades are the same. In addition, we also have publisher tools: in-game analytics (deep analysis of behavior),cross-promotion tools, quality assurance. These technologies were shown and tested at the last edition of Futur en Seine, and we have submit a FEDER file.

Targeted countries

North America
Central Asia

Why your company is an investment opportunity ?

As content will be the leading stream of income in the VR space in the coming years, investing in an Arcade publisher with ambition and a clear vision is a wise choice. We have all the quality required to be successful: 15 years of experience in video games (working with leaders like Nintendo or Ubisoft) and a track record of entrepreneurial success. Our objective is to be in the Top 5 game publisher for VR Arcades, working with distributors and expending toward new markets like Escape Games.