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Norn Studio

Norn Studio

Location trondheim (Norvège)

Number of employees 1-5

Year of creation 2017

Founder(s) Lina Reinsbakken,
Sidsel Bjørnseth

Team background

Lina Reinsbakken is a Classically trained Photographer and Artist with an MA in Fine Art and Moving Image Storytelling from London University of the Arts. Lina is a skilled creative director and highly competent in visual communication, with a broad background within illustration and commercial photography. Sidsel Bjørnseth has studied Entrepreneurship and Business development at The University of California, Berkeley. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School. She has a broad background from business development, strategic communication, marketing and brand development. Catherine Kahn is Trained in Transmedia Storytelling. Kahn produce transmedia content through meaningful and memorable experimentals. Her expertise is known to be analytical and practical in understanding the complexity of contexts in projects, translated into strategies of VUP (Viewer/ User/ Player) experiences and innovative solutions.

Major projects developed

The Little Grey That Matters

Funding stage : Seed or angel
Funding expectations : 500 K€

Company focus : Content wise

Norn Studio is a VR content production company focused on Immersive storytelling for the entertainment and educational marked.Through the process of narrative creation with storytellers and technologists, from the fields of animation, game development, drama and digital film special effects, Norn is exploring opportunities for content narratology provided by the development of VR / AR technology.

Company focus : Tech wise


Targeted countries

North America
Middle East

Why your company is an investment opportunity ?

Since Norn Studio was founded spring 2017, it has gained a lot of momentum. The unfunded demo "The Little Thought" was selected and shown at Kosmorama Int. FF, World VR Forum Festival, Sandbox VR Show Beijing, NAB Show Shanghai, Starmus and Asia New Media FF where Lina joined a panel discussion on the Future of Immersive Storytelling. Norn Studio has gotten a lot of interest from VR Cinemas in China, Jaunt VR and other on licensing demo and future work. CEO is already member of Kaleidoscope, booked as keynote speaker at VR Festival in Norway and presenting project at VR Now Con.