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Location TOULOUSE (France)

Number of employees 13-20

Year of creation 2009


Team background

CEO of the Company, Amaury La Burthe completed a Master in computer science at IRCAM in Paris, He worked as researcher for Sony-CSL and then for Ubisoft. He developed an expertise in both the technical and creative side of crafting interactive experiences. He then founded the startup AudioGaming focused on creating innovative audio technologies and later founded Novelab, a studio creating interactive and immersive experience. Grégoire Parain was working for the oil industry until he joined operationally the company in 2015 to develop the VR business under the trademark Novelab. Thanks to his experience of managing major projects, he drives the structuring of the company in a rapid growing phase, the business development and the project management for the Parisian studio. Novelab by AudioGaming has 20 employees working in Paris and Toulouse and is planning to recruit 10 persons in the next 12 months

Funding stage : Serie A
Funding expectations : 1000 K€

Company focus : Content wise

Novelab creates interactive and immersive experiences and installations. Novelab mainly works in the areas of culture, entertainment and communication. We are a cross-over between a technological start-up and a content creator in the sense that most of our projects involve some degree of technology combined with a special care for narration and story developments. Novelab develops or produces original projects like Type:Rider (mobile game), Notes on Blindness (Gear VR), Kinoscope - a VR journey into the world of cinema (YouTube & Gear VR), Zaha Hadid Vr Experiences, Unrest VR, etc.

Company focus : Tech wise

AudioGaming creates new tools that help sound designers & musicians reach astonishing creative results faster. Our novel hybrid synthesis approach gives you more features and infinite control over your sound and music. Products may be discovered at In parallel of this activity related to audio, Novelab “productises” some of the technologies we develop specifically for projects. For example, for our latest project Unrest VR we developed an interactive story manager that we plan to release as standalone plug-in for environments like unity3D or unreal.

Targeted countries

North America

Why your company is an investment opportunity ?

Novelab by AudioGaming is the perfect encounter between Creativity and Technology. It is the most awarded studio in Europe for VR experiences and is now extending its VR projects to Video Games. Novelab is already profitable and sustainable. Novelab reputation allows funding of its projects by Oculus, Google, CNC and various renowned french and american producers. In parallel of creating VR experiences and video games, Novelab is regularly sollicitated for working with brands/agencies such as ToolofNA (IBM Watson), Publicis (Renault-Nissan) or Heaven (Renault) ensuring its sustainble growth.