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Genre(s) Documentary

Langue(s) German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Czech

Format(s) Cinema Theater, TV, Webdoc

Producer(s) Anthropodocs & Films (Espagne)
Pelin Films (Roumanie)

Short description

LOGLINE Personal, sensorial rituals and intimate conversations with four generations women on the visible and the invisible family loyalties and separations. SYNOPSIS A collaboration between independent directors from different countries, 4GenWomen gives voice to great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers and daughters to talk about the visible and the invisible family heritage in an interactive documentary where the filming becomes a ritual and the confessions become a therapy. “Every mother contains her daughter in herself and every daughter her mother, and every woman extends backwards into her mother and forwards into her daughter. This participation and intermingling gives rise to that peculiar confusion as regards to time: woman lives earlier as a mother and later as a daughter.” C G Jung In the process of discovering their own link in the chain of generations, each woman of the family is asked the same question in individual interviews which helps them explore the invisible loyalty they have with their mothers which can be both a burden and a blessing. The confessions are preceded by collective family rituals performed by the four generations of women in a playful, dynamic and intimate interplay, as a return to the oral transmission of the rites of passage. By understanding the complex relationships that have developed in our family we have the possibility of reconquering our freedom and leaving of the repetitive destiny of our family history.

Expected budget : 147 K€
Expected production date : 2018

Involved partners

Laboratorio de Innovación Audiovisual RTVE (Spanish National Television lab)
15 K€
Romanian Cultural Institute (CENTENART programme)
2.5 K€
Workshops scholarships (iFlab, esodoc)
4 K€
5 K€
A.Docs & Films/ Pelin films (Own investment)
15 K€

Creative team

Paula Onet
Ivana Hucikova
Tereza Stehlikova
Nevena Tomic
Janina Ruth
Antonio Cadierno Parodi


We are looking for financing to complete the video production/post-production part and we would like to find european co-producers based on the countries we are filming (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia). We are also keen on discovering alternative funding possibilities and opportunities.

How innovative is the project

The innovation of the narrative of project consists in joining disciplines like psychogenealogy, anthropology and cinematic-performance into one interactive documentary. The cinematic imagery of the rituals performed by women and the simplicity of the close-ups of the interviews is blend into a playful journey of discovery of family patterns and taboos. Besides being used as a tool for tolerance and acceptance, 4GenWomen project can also become a valuable educational interactive material for organizations and institutions which are interested in topics related to women and families.

Porteurs de projets

Janina Ruth