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T.H.E. - The Human Extension

T.H.E. - The Human Extension

Genre(s) Documentary

Langue(s) English

Format(s) Live action, Cinematic VR, Live Performing Arts

Producer(s) Proxima Milano s.r.l. (Italie)

Short description

Embody people in a piece of art and letting them experience the mystic moment of artistic creation from a privileged and innovative point of view.

Expected budget : 110 K€
Expected production date : 2018

Involved partners

Proxima Milano
20 K€

Creative team

Aimone Bodini
Aimone Bodini
Claudio Falconi
Art director
Andrea Masera
Alberto Fusco

How innovative is the project

This is a disruptive project, an innovative idea that also requires and innovative technical solution. “The Human Extension” (T.H.E) aims to experiment a new form of storytelling utilizing a revolutionary medium: Virtual Reality. “T.H.E” has been designed specifically for VR in order to exploit its new language, its unique features and its communicative potential. “T.H.E.” is a story that cannot be told with any other media. “T.H.E.” is a story never been told before.

Porteurs de projets

Andrea Masera

General Manager

Aimone Bodini