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Pitched on : 02/10/2017 18:45-19:30


Pitched on : 02/10/2017 18:45-19:30

Genre(s) Fiction

Langue(s) French

Format(s) CGI, Cinematic VR, In situ experience, Live Performing Arts

Producer(s) Small Bang (France)

Short description

Fugue VR proposes an experimental and sensory voyage within the universe of the choreographer Yoann Bourgeois. Directed by Michel Reilhac, this experiment of “mixed reality“ invites the user to dive in a poetic universe composed of virtual reality on the one hand, and physical reality on the other end. By revisiting the myth of Sisyphus, it opens for the user the doors of a world made of sensations. The 360° video VR world extends itself in the physical world thanks to dancers, who will guide the body of the spectActor within this imaginary world, released thanks to a VR headset. The users are finally invited to embrace the dancer point of view. This collective experiment for 10 participants, also takes the shape of a simple VR film to experiment in a solitary way.

Expected budget : 363 K€
Expected production date : 2018

Involved partners

Arte Concert (Dev)
25 K€
CNC Nouveaux Médias (Dev)
50 K€
Small Bang
35 K€
La Maison de la Danse
30 K€
Fondation BNP Paribas
15 K€
Biennale de la Danse
5 K€
CCN2-Centre Chorégraphique national de Grenoble
2 K€

Creative team

Michel Reilhac
Yoann Bourgeois
Michel Reilhac
Pierre Cattan
Alexandrine Stehelin


Fugue VR is currently in development thanks to a partnership built with Arte Concert, la Maison de la danse of Lyon and the CCN2-Grenoble national centre of choreography. The proto-pilote will be shot on July 5th. It will be ready on August 30th, 2017. We are now searching for financing for the production period. The shooting of the production period will take place on February 2018. The official preview of the mixed reality experiment will take place in April 2018, during the Arte Concert Festival. The official release will take place during the Biennale de la danse of Lyon in September 2018.

How innovative is the project

Fugue VR is innovative regarding both its form and the technologies used. It is a mixed reality experiment: the 360° video VR world - delivered in a Gear VR headset - extends itself in the physical world thanks to dancers, who will guide the body of the spectActor. The experiment is mostly proposed in the shape of a POV. The user is also invited to embrace the dancer POV in a spectacular, but comfortable way. We are thus building 2 custom-made headsets to capture the best POV as possible, one with Kodak SP360 4K to capture very close bodies, and the other with go-pros to capture the dancer POV

Porteurs de projets

Pierre Cattan


Alexandrine Stehelin