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Genre(s) Fiction

Langue(s) English

Format(s) Game VR, CGI, Live action, Cinematic VR

Producer(s) Okio Studio (France)

Short description

Synopsis: Where has the sun gone? Three days after the shock, SETH, LYN and a handful of survivors of all ages and walks of life are trying to understand what has happened to the world. Having found refuge in a high altitude mountain hotel, they’ve organized to survive. Gone is the snow, the mountain ridge, everything is now a black carbon wasteland, plunged in total darkness. Until points of light appear on the horizon. But these may not be good news at all. Concept: Create fright with light – such is Lights VR’s objective. You’ll be immersed in darkness, in a world populated by fierce luminous creatures you know nothing about. You will have several opportunities to make decisions that will impact the characters’ reactions, thus offering a more personal experience. In this world, the journey is as important as its destination because the answers to your questions will be tough to swallow.

Expected budget : 2.500 K€
Expected production date : 2020

Involved partners

CNC (development)
20 K€
12.5 K€

Creative team

Samuel Bodin
Julien Mokrani
Julien Mokrani

How innovative is the project

-Alternating interactive subjective POVs (a controller in each hand) and semi-passive objective POVs (omniscient POV). -An intimate emotional narration that relies on the performance of filmed actors, combined with mindblowing sensory sequences. -The use of a real time 3D engine from the video game meshed with live action shots, allow the player to interact with reality situations. -Increased immersion using new technical processes (HDR, second generation ultra high definition VR headset). Choices presented to the user, such as different narrative threads and powerfully enhance identification

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Antoine Cayrol