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Killer, Penguin, Doll Face

Killer, Penguin, Doll Face

Genre(s) Documentary, Animation

Langue(s) English

Format(s) Webseries, Cinematic VR

Producer(s) Joni Art (Lituanie)
Institute for Transmedia Design (Slovénie)

Short description

Killer, Penguin, Doll Face is a story of socially excluded and alienated teenagers, who live in the Universe - the HOUSE for troubled - where the usual laws of space and time do not apply. On the edge of the Old Town is the Grey House. Killer, Penguin, Doll Face and many others live in it. No one knows for sure if Killer ever killed someone, but Penguin undoubtedly talks to the birds, and Creep is an expert in punishing himself. Doll Face is not as stupid as others think. Every child has a nickname in the House. More things happen in just one day inside the House than most people living outside will experience during their whole lifetime. The House is more than an ordinary Child Development Centre for Children that neither their parents nor society know how to deal with. The Grey House is a separate Universe in itself.

Expected budget : 2.290 K€
Expected production date : 2019

Involved partners

Creative Europe - Single project development / Documentary
25 K€
Lithuanian Film Centre, Lithuania
25 K€
Ciclic – Region Centre-Val de Loire, France
25 K€
The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture
2 K€

Creative team

Tomas Tamosaitis
Tomas Tamosaitis
Skirmanta Jakaite, Animation Director
Sara Bozanic


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How innovative is the project

KILLER, PENGUIN, TOM, DOLL FACE is a 360 degree concept. An animated documentary film, web series (26 x 3’) and a VR experience are the key elements of the project, giving a view on social exclusion and alienation of troubled children. KILLER, PENGUIN, TOM, DOLL FACE evokes reconsideration of the social values and social phobias, resulting in systematical discrimination of those who appear to deviate from perceived norms and thereby become subject to coarse or exclude.

Porteurs de projets

Tomas Tamosaitis

Producer/ Creator

Sara Bozanic