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Location Douai (France)

Number of employees 1-5

Year of creation 2017

Founder(s) William SCHLEGEL,

Team background

We are 3 founders with complementary profiles : Fabienne Giezendanner is Artistic director, talented screen writer and extensive experience in transmedia writing William Schlegel is CTO and enthusiastic entrepreneur and business angel with multiple experiences in interactive design and video game development. Thierry Henkinet is business developpment, founder and CEO of Volfoni 3D, specialist of creative 3D technology We also have a team with 4 developers, 3D modelers, graphists and animators

Funding stage : Seed or angel
Funding expectations : 1000 K€

Company focus : Content wise

IglooSpirit is a studio that develops immersive and interactive story-telling and innovative video game with virtual reality and augmented reality. We’re focusing on content that is beautiful aesthetically, that tell interesting stories and whose narrative adapts to the behavior of the viewer as a "second skin" for a unique and personalized experience. Our technical aim is to create subtle interaction that does not cut immersion, using artificial intelligence so the world learns and adapt itself to the viewer behavior.

Company focus : Tech wise


Targeted countries

North America

Why your company is an investment opportunity ?

VR and AR technologies are just beginning to become mass market. The battle is strong at the level of hardware and helmets, but the contents are also subject to a tough competition. We believe, however, that what is proposed is still poor in terms of quality or too targeted to some public like gamers. Our team is very versatile with a content writer, a tech and a business developer in HK. We want to create pure VR/AR products such as innovative video games and immersive interactive animated contents and spread them all over the world.