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Genre(s) Fiction

Langue(s) French

Format(s) Social network, Webseries

Short description

Marc Bedami at the age of 33, returned to his grandparents' town and, with the town council's election growing near, he organized a local independent list called "Anti" and became Mandol's new Mayor in a near-100% landslide. He opened a website, which has gained many followers, in which he writes about his experience as Mayor and about topics of national importance; over just a few months, his "Anti" party has become a full-fledged political movement. Bedami calls himself a "liberal Catholic" and insists on the fact that Anti is neither a left-wing nor a right-wing movement. Rather, as stated on the "anti-manifesto" on his site, it is: #anti establishment, euro, illegals, taxation… Bedami is starting to catch the attention of French media, even though many dismiss him as a "populist". In spite of the criticism, national polls rate him close to 15%. But something shatters the tranquillity of the model town of Mandol: a 14 year old girl kills herself jumping from the bell-tower of Mandol's church. The inspector Julie Delprat finds out that the girl, whose father is a councilman and a friend of the Mayor, was dabbling in Satanism and had joined online communities of Devil worshippers. Nobody dares to say it aloud or even to think it, but some people are starting to believe a new entry should be added to the list of "Anti-" Bedami compiled on his website….

Expected budget : 180 K€
Expected production date : 2018

Involved partners

Creative team

Riccardo Milanesi

How innovative is the project

"Anti" is about the social and political transformations we are experiencing and how the media - both traditional and social - are depicting them and are being affected by them. It is also about a larger clash, the one between Good and Evil, where roles are often swapped or, at least, relativized. The world of "Anti" is an open narrative universe that extends far beyond the story of the series and lives on the web, feeding on world events and conversations between users: -TV/Digital -Real "Anti" website -Bedami's Twitter profile

Porteurs de projets

Valentina Molinari

visual designer

Riccardo Milanesi