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Genre(s) Fiction, Educational

Langue(s) French

Format(s) CGI, Live action, Cinematic VR

Producer(s) Da Prod (France)

Short description

Verdun 1916. On the verge of a new battle, a transmission soldier must fix a PC line in one of the trenches. 20 years old. He lost his right ear to an explosion, his left one is in no better shape. Julien, without any gun will be dragged into war’s nonsense and violence reality. No surprise if nonsense literature novels are so obsessed with violence and war. In Dino Buzzati’s The Tartar Steppe or in Albert Camus’ The Stranger, the writers ponder humanity’s limit in front of violence, let it be military or personal, politically organized or free. We wanted to show this war nonsense through the experience of a frail hero, a hearing-impaired boy, Julien, alien to a world he doesn’t understand anymore. Using 360 stereoscopy, Battlefield is a 13-minute movie which offers an immersive experience in the heart of the trenches, in the heart of madness. In the beginning, Julien doesn’t take part into the battle. He’s a technician in charge of communication maintenance, supposed to stay away from the frontline. Having Baptiste at his side is essential for him, as he can’t hear well. Here’s a deaf man giving back their voices to officers, and against his will, sending men to death.

Expected budget : 250 K€
Expected production date : 2018

Involved partners

55 K€

Creative team

François Vautier
Geoffroy Grison
Francois Vautier
Jeremy Sahel
Valentine Theret


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How innovative is the project

This project innovates in his shape. It's a VR live action movie with a lot of fx about the world war I. We have a lot to say but the best is to read the project in the file.

Porteurs de projets

jeremy sahel


François Vautier


Valentine Theret

Directrice de production