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Sky Kraken

Pitched on : 02/10/2017 14:30-15:15

Sky Kraken

Pitched on : 02/10/2017 14:30-15:15

Genre(s) Fiction

Langue(s) English

Format(s) Cinematic VR, CGI

Producer(s) The Pulse (Australie)

Short description

For centuries, the skies have been terrorised by the ruthless pirates who have stripped the clouds of the precious mineral “Combustium”, essential to the city’s survival. You are the Citadel’s only hope to fight back and retrieve the supply of Combustium; but in your bid to infiltrate their ship, you find yourself captured amongst a mutinous crew. You must escape the clutches of these cruel pirates, but soon you find yourself facing a far greater danger than you ever imagined. A monster, born from the fury of the depleted clouds, terrorising the heavens: The Sky Kraken.

Expected budget : 170 K€
Expected production date : 2017

Involved partners

Creative team

George Kacevski
George Kacevski
Frederic Simard
Art director
Tracey Taylor


Raise Finance and confirm multi-platform distribution (digital and Vr Arcade).

How innovative is the project

The creation of Sky Kraken as an original interactive VR film was motivated by the need for more widely accessible, high quality entertainment titles in the VR market. Interactive VR films are experiences designed to not require pre-existing technical knowledge or exposure to VR/games. The themes within Sky Kraken are also highly considered to minimize exclusion of certain demographics (heightened violence, gore, horror, thriller, general adult themes). The pirate genre is highly developed and engrained in the minds of major demographics world-wide, which allows the title to have cut-through.

Porteurs de projets

George Kacevski

Head of Content Development

Brett Heil

Managing Director