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Genre(s) Animation, Fiction

Langue(s) Italian

Format(s) Mobile / Tablet app, CGI

Short description

The 5th novel of 2nd day of Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio is developed as a: real time 3D animation, immersive, multicast, for tablets.We expand the novel of Boccaccio in four short stories that tell parallel actions of the four main characters, the four narrative nodes flow aligned and synchronized, and the viewer can at all times: following the story of each character, jumping from one node to another synchronized in time, live the author's point of view and adopt their own point of view on the stage, eventually changing also the focus from the main story to the side stories that take place around, follow the author's director cut that collects some moments of the four paths into a single classic film.

Expected budget : 300 K€
Expected production date : 2017

Involved partners

regione lazio
20 K€

Creative team

flaviano pizzardi
flaviano pizzardi

How innovative is the project

the cross network between ancient italian tradition and modern technolgies is the core concept of "decameroscopio", Boccaccio heritage, italian actors of commedia dell'arte, meet motion capture technolgy (VICON motion capture systems sponsorized the work) and tablet real time 3d performance. We think decameroscopio open a new storytelling feature.

Porteurs de projets

flaviano pizzardi

director - production