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Aaron Axelrod’s Melting Rainbows

Aaron Axelrod’s Melting Rainbows

Genre(s) Animation, Fiction

Langue(s) English

Format(s) Live action, Cinematic VR, VR Dome, Live Performing Arts

Producer(s) Inception VR (Israël)

Short description

In Melting Rainbows: A VR experience, Inception and artist Aaron Axelrod will collaborate to produce a live performance that will allow viewers to not just watch his work, but to fully immerse themselves in it. Using the very latest in VR technology, we’ll build an interactive experience that allows viewers to curate their participation from three highly engaging but vastly different perspectives - member of the audience, Aaron’s POV, and finally as the canvas itself as he immerses engages with the piece.

Expected budget : 95 K€
Expected production date : 2017

Involved partners

Creative team

Effi Wizen
David Neyman
Rotem Faran

How innovative is the project

This is a first of it’s kind project in the sense that this takes viewers inside the mind and process of an artist from multiple perspectives. The ability for viewers to curate the experience and be able to choose from multiple vantage points - the crowd, the artist, the globe - provides multiple layers of immersiveness. In addition, at the event itself to further enhance the experience for audience members, Aaron’s work will be projected onto a 360 dome environment. Also to capture two of the POV’s, Aaron’s and from the globe, Inception will build a number of custom rigs to support these shot

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Effi Wizen