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Invisible, Mortaza's Odyssey

Pitched on : 4/10/2017 11H30

Invisible, Mortaza's Odyssey

Pitched on : 4/10/2017 11H30

Genre(s) Documentary, Fiction

Language(s) English

Format(s) Cinematic VR

Short description

From Kabul to Paris, this project revisits the odyssey of Mortaza Jami. A journey this young Afghan, victim of a fatwa, undertook 8 years ago. Mortaza now lives in France, where he’s obtained refugee status. Invisible is a story told across 8 places in which the user is introduced to Mortaza through a sensory story presented in Virtual Reality 3D. Transported into the heart of his memory, the user discovers locations devoid of Mortaza’s presence. His voice inhabits these sites, weaving emotional threads around the listener, suspended between past and present. Invisible is a vessel, both sensory and mental, the last episode of which allows the user to «physically» meet Mortaza, in Paris.

Expected budget : 300 K€
Expected production date : 2018

Involved partners

CNC New Medias - development
30 K€
Marie de Paris - fonds Transmedia
10 K€
Scam Brouillon d'un rêve (Author)
3 K€

Creative team

Joséphine Derobe
Joséphine Derobe


I'm looking for a producer at this stage : end phase of development then production. Also institutions and museums who could be interested by the subect : migration in europ, citizenship and alter-equal encounter.

How innovative is the project

Mixing documentary form with sensory and poetic VR experience with 3D sound and live pictures 3D 360° to generate an uncounter

Project holder(s)

Josephine Derobe