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The Pulse IQ Pty Ltd

The Pulse IQ Pty Ltd

Location Sydney (Australia)

Number of employees 5-12

Year of creation 2016

Founder(s) Breitt Heil

Team background

Brett Heil: As founder of ETP, Brett’s vision is to build a creative, design-led business with technology at its core. His strategic and creative direction continually evolves to ensure the business remains responsive to the changing market and industry demands. Brett’s passion for new technologies has seen him become a front-runner in VR visual content for the Edutech, Enterprise and Entertainment sectors. Daragh Casey: Over 25 years in business management. As head of Marketing for a leading lifestyle retailer, she led a team of 35, with a marketing budget of $12M and oversaw their listing on the ASX. Additionally, she was involved in the development and rollout of the company’s 23 Concept stores as well as bi-annual product launches. She is responsible for the commercialization strategy and development of The Pulse IQ Platform. Han Sun: an AR and VR specialist. He was a C++ game developer before earning his master’s degree in Information Technology and is the lead software architect

Major projects developed


Funding stage : Seed or angel
Funding expectations : 600 K€

Company focus : Content wise

Our focus is to create content for the Education (particularly STEM content), Industry and Training sectors. We believe that using VR technology to create immersive and interactive content will lead to increased engagement and improved learning outcomes. We offer a combination of licensed 3rd party content and internally produced 360 videos, collaborative challenges and premium interactive VR films. All content available through The Pulse IQ will be created in consultation with educators and industry experts and is carefully curated to ensure high production standards are maintained.

Company focus : Tech wise

The Pulse IQ is focused on developing an open platform that is easy to use, stable, secure and scalable. It is the world’s first Virtual Reality platform that allows for collaboration within the virtual space. The Platform is built in Unity and is designed to be device agnostic. It allows for synchronised playback across a large number of headsets; real time feedback and data analytics; facilitator control and monitoring through the IQ tablet; creator tool kit and open API for users to create and upload their own content; and remote access or integration with existing IT infrastructures.

Targeted countries

North America

Why your company is an investment opportunity ?

The Pulse IQ Virtual Reality Platform will transform the way information is delivered and consumed. It is the only platform that gives participants the ability to collaborate on tasks together in the virtual space. It is formed by filmmakers, content specialists, technologists, and programmers & managed by a team who have extensive experience in the creation of content for nontraditional formats. Through our partnerships with Somerville IT, Microsoft and Samsung, we've established entry into schools and vocational training centers Australia wide, which will provide traction for INT'L expansion