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The Little Grey That Matters

Pitched on : 02/10/2017 14:30-15:15

The Little Grey That Matters

Pitched on : 02/10/2017 14:30-15:15

Genre(s) Animation, Educational

Language(s) English

Format(s) Cinematic VR, CGI

Producer(s) Norn Studio (Norway)

Short description

”The Little Grey That Matters”is a Cinematic VR series offering a fairy tale about the inner conflict between Love & Fear playing out inside our minds. An allegorical fairy tale where anatomy is mixed with Norse Mythology and the characters are personified neurons, hormones and cognitive thoughts. It is the story of ”Gullveig” a cognitive thought and dream-designer at the department of Fantasy, located in the prefrontal Cortex. One day she is summoned by Odin, the king of NeoCortex, to the Pineal Gland on top of the ”Reality Generator”, where she is surrounded by the Assembly of “the Old Wise Neurons”. Odin informs her of the destructive plans of the Goddess of Fear “Hel of the Hindbrain”: to capture the Will with her army of Stress-hormones, and become the ruler of consciousness. Gullveig then embarks on an epic journey with a dangerous Quest: to sail the brainwaves through Brain and Mind, to free the Will from enslavement in Amygdala: the ”Cauldron of Fear”. Through this epic journey Gullveig learns why she was the chosen one to conquer fear and save the Will.

Expected budget : 15.000 K€
Expected production date : 2019

Involved partners

Creative team

Lina Reinsbakken
Lina Reinsbakken
Catherine Kahn
Eddie Lou

How innovative is the project

The Little Grey that Matters Cinematic VR Animation project challenges traditional storytelling with interactive and immersive 360 narratives. The project introduces the viewer to basic neuroscience and biopsychology via compelling fairy tales mixed with norse mythology. Virtual Reality is still in its infancy and has no standard for storytelling, which puts the project in the leading edge of the Cinematic VR revolution.

Project holder(s)

Lina Reinsbakken

CEO/ Creative Director

Sidsel Bjørnseth