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Pitched on : 02/10/2017 14:30-15:15


Pitched on : 02/10/2017 14:30-15:15

Genre(s) Fiction

Language(s) English

Format(s) CGI, Cinematic VR

Producer(s) DPT (Canada)
Okio Studio (France)

Short description

Claris spent her childhood gazing at the stars and the sky, wondering what could be up in space. After graduating from a top school, she gets a job at NASA. She is soon chosen to be the first astronaut to set foot on Planet Mirror, a planet discovered a few years earlier thanks to a signal sent to Earth. At the same time, her husband and daughter die in an accident. Determined, Claris refuses to back away from her mission. After a full year of hypersleep, she sets foot for the first time on the arid surface of Mirror. Haunted by her memories and a form of guilt, she nonetheless remains very professional in her exploration of the planet. But little by little, the line between the memories playing out in her mind and the reality of the planet become one. A tree she knew as a child starts to grow a few yards from the spaceship, the church where her husband and daughter’s funeral was held, appears in the distance. Claris feels more and more like she is losing her grip on reality, as the planet seems to take possession of her. Unless it’s the other way around? Because the more Claris progresses in her exploration, the more the planet transforms and takes on all the characteristic of Planet Earth. Is it possible to live inside our memories on Planet Mirror? Claris finally encounters her husband and daughter who tell her she should stay with them. Is it a memory? Is it a new reality?

Expected budget : 1.500 K€
Expected production date : 2019

Involved partners

CNC écriture
15 K€
CNC développement
50 K€

Creative team

Pierre Zandrowicz
Remi Giordano
Pierre Zandrowicz

How innovative is the project

Mirror is a 5 episodes serie in virtual reality, which offers the viewer a 360-degree immersive experience in interactive 3D. Watching through a 3D headset or another 360-degree player, the viewer will travel through Claris’ memories as she becomes the first astronaut to set foot on Planet Mirror.

Project holder(s)

Nicolas ROy