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Future Lighthouse

Future Lighthouse

Location Madrid (Spain)

Number of employees 21-49

Year of creation 2016

Founder(s) Nicolás Alcalá,
Roberto Romero Perez,
Steven Posner

Team background

This is Nicolás Alcalá's (CEO) third company. Writer, director and producer of The Cosmonaut, an international case study in independent film. Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. Singularity University graduate. Roberto Romero (CTO) started working in VR in 1998. International Media Manager for Campus Party. Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. Steven Posner (CBO) is a passionate company builder. Co-Founder of Vodka Capital. Exec. Producer of Jelly Jamm. Angel Investor in 8 media start ups. Brown University. James Valle (CFO) is a certified CPA with 25+ yrs experience in big M&As, raises and accounting. He has a strong financial background working with $xM companies. And has run several successful companies and consulted for many others.

Major projects developed

Beefeater XO

Funding stage : Seed or angel
Funding expectations : 1300 K€

Company focus : Content wise

We're a media company, with a mixed business model. Sometimes we create original, narrative content – which we then market directly to consumers (B2C). Other times, we’re commissioned to create branded content– in which case we are working directly with another business (B2B). Our key differentiator from our competitors is that we’re not dependent on our branded content to create our narrative pieces. We have the manpower, financial resources, and drive to pursue these simultaneously.

Company focus : Tech wise

We've developed proprietary software for internal use, as well as a rig to facilitate shooting.

Targeted countries

North America

Why your company is an investment opportunity ?

The virtual reality industry is currently lacking quality content. There are technical people who understand the capabilities of the medium but not the narrative aspect. And there storytellers who are very linear in their thinking and don’t quite understand how to exploit the technology. We are a hybrid of both of these kinds of people. The team running Future Lighthouse is well-versed in both cinema and the tech world and we’re bringing to the table revolutionary work that will change the way we perceive virtual reality.